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William and the Werewolf

William and Emelior ran through the garden disguised as bears.

Alexandra began to dress Emelior first, fastened her in the skin with strong cords, all about her proper clothes, so that in all honesty, no man would think anything other than that she was a bear, so exactly did each piece join with another.

When they were both fully dressed in the skins, William and Emelior made their way quickly through the garden, fiercely on their four feet, as bears do, and happened to encounter one of the new arrivals from Greece, looking at the plants. Terrified out of his wits, he raced away from them as fast as feet can run!

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and sche melled hire meliors · ferst to griethe
and festened hire in that fel · wiž ful gode žonges

The romance of William and the Werewolf, or William of Palerne, was translated from Old French into Middle English in the mid-fourteenth century at the instigation of one Humphrey de Bohun, sixth Earl of Hereford and nephew of the late King Edward II of England. The Old French romance itself dates from the twelfth century.
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14th century Middle English alliterative translation of The Romance of William Of Palerne, edited by Walter Skeat, 1867, reprinted 1996, available through the Early English Text Society (EETS)


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