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Ancient Greek Mythology

Homer's Odyssey

8th century BC, Ancient Greek.

Odysseus's men were turned into pigs, only their minds remained the same.

The men shouted outside the palace of the beautiful Circe, a goddess who sang beautifully as she wove at a loom inside. She heard the noise at once and hurried to invite them all in. Each of them accepted her invitation; all except Eurylochus who may have had misgivings about the strange and curiously friendly animals they had seen outside.

The goddess Circe seated the men, fed them with fine food and pernicious herbs that made them forget. Then she tapped them with a magic stick and drove them into the sties where she kept her swine. And now the men had the form of swine the snout and grunt and bristles; only their minds were left unchanged.

Story fragment recounted from: Shewring, Walter, with an introduction by Kirk, G. S., 1980, reprinted 2008. Homer: The Odyssey. Translated from ancient Greek with an introduction. Oxford University Press. Book X, Circe, p 118–9.


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